Since I mentioned on Instagram that I use the Dyson hairdryer, this is a post that has been much requested. Sadly, but not surprisingly, no one has asked me if it is the secret to my utterly fabulous hair, instead everyone’s desperate to know: is it worth the money?

In short, yes, I believe it is.

But if you need more than that to persuade you (which I hope you do since it does cost a fuck tonne), let me explain why I love it and how it totally transformed my relationship with the funny stuff that grows out of the top of my head.

My first hairdryer was £20 from Boots, it was covered in stickers and had a different array of filtered scents that you could slip into the back of it that made you hair smell like bubblegum. It sounded more like a vacuum cleaner than anything else and, whilst I felt like the dog’s bollocks with my big girl equipment, I very rarely used it.

Over the next ten years I used various hairdryers; it’s not a product I remember shopping for or ever thinking much about and, since I really didn’t understand how one could possibly be better than another (when all any of them really did was blow wind onto your head), I would continually opt for the cheapest one I could find.

I never used my hairdryer as a styling tool, instead choosing to point the instrument in the vague direction of my head (often hold it there until I felt my scalp burning), getting frustrated that I was still looking so frizzy and then I’d attack it with straighteners as soon as I deemed it safe to do so (and sometimes before depending on my time restrictions).

I would often throw the attachments away with the box, use no heat protection spray or even a hairbrush and then have the audacity to curse that I was sporting a bird’s nest 24/7.

So why, I hear you ask, would we want to take hair advice from you Em? A woman who quite clearly has not got a clue.

Because my dear friends, it was only when I saw the light and welcomed my new hairdryer to the fold, that I realised the error of my ways and clued up to the possibilities of haircare done right.

Let’s get to it shall we?

The hairdryer comes with three styling attachments. Drying it as I always have, totally straight, I found two of these incredibly useful; one for the annoying piece of hair that was, until recently, a fringe and the other for the rest of it. The third attachment is something that I only used for the first time about a month ago and that is the diffuser.

An odd looking thing I grant you, it allows you to dry your hair with it’s natural curl or, if you lack that, ‘beachy waves’ that you can create yourself. I did fuck it up for the first few times, going in way too hard and too hot, making it frizzy and frustrating, but after some practise, a much more gentle approach and a sizeable dollop of oil, I’ve got it down to a tee.

(For the oil I use: click HERE)

As a wavy, frizzy haired lady myself, this has been the best part about the hairdryer. In theory any product can ensure poker straight locks, but this is a marvellous little perk I didn’t see coming.

The other great thing is that you don’t need to use the attachments. If you’re in a real rush (as I often am because I’m shit at time management), you can totally free-style it and actually create a fairly impressive combination of volume and straightness.

But still… £299?? For a good hair day???

No guys, it’s so much more than that.

Billions of pounds went into the testing of this product, it is ridiculously good. And not just in a sciency way either, but in a way that means I can absolutely see the perks.

It’s so powerful it cuts drying time in half, which means you get an extra ten minutes in bed in the morning, that’s a winner. I can honestly, truly and actually have my hair go from soaking wet to perfectly dried and styled in under 15 minutes. FIFTEEN MINUTES.

It’s also really light, combine that with the speed at which it dries your hair and it’s bye bye achey arms.

Oh and for any people out there who, like me, need to be listening to music/the radio/a podcast at any given moment, the best thing about this hairdryer is how quiet it is: even when I’ve got it going at full blast I can have an undisturbed conversation with Alex without needing to shout and when I’m on my own, can watch a Youtube video without needing to put the subtitles on.

And finally, it’s much better for your hair than anything else, I have really noticed that. My hair, particularly at this time of year can get incredibly dry, especially at the ends, and since I’ve had this bad boy in my life, I can honestly say my hair has never looked healthier or grown faster.

Because you can control the temperature and power so effectively, you can ensure that your hair is getting what it needs. With certain hairdryers I would feel like I was getting blown at through a straw by someone with terrible lung capacity and I know friends who felt as if their fine hair was being removed from their scalp with the force of others.

I know that £299 is mental expensive for a hairdryer and I wouldn’t blame you if you rolled your eyes to the sky at me for this post.

BUT, predicting this, I did ask some friends to try it recently, just to check I wasn’t mad with my obsesson. All three of them have since told me they are buying it. My flatmate has been using it too and came up to me the other day, furious, because when I left for the weekend I took it with me.

She’s just bought her mum one for her birthday and I think is wanting one for Christmas.

It’s a massive amount to blow on haircare, I get that, but I’d still recommend it.

I will not go anywhere without the thing anymore, I adore it and have never been so in love with my own head.

Christmas is coming guys, so who knows, Santa might be feeling generous.

(If you need more confirmation check out the reviews on the Boots website – a great place to save on it as well if you’re organised enough to collect advantage points!)



  1. Clare Pennell
    November 22, 2017 / 4:09 pm

    Thanks for this. I’ve wanted one for ages so I put it on my xmas list and now I can justify to my husband that its worth the money! Plus, sometimes I start work before him so I can say "well it’s so quiet it won’t wake you up". (you have to know how to word it to them don’t you 😉

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  3. AKirsty
    November 22, 2017 / 9:45 pm

    I’m so happy to finally read a review of this!!!!!!!!! Thanks Emily!

  4. Kirsty
    November 22, 2017 / 10:39 pm

    I NEED THIS! My hair is usually untameable and like you, I thought all hairdryers did the same job and sometimes couldn’t even be bothered to dry my hair and would wake up in the morning looking like a poodle and would spend the next 10 mins trying to find and free the hairbrush that got lost in it!

    Will add this to my Christmas list 🙌🏼

    Thank you! x

  5. Claire Elliott
    November 23, 2017 / 6:18 am

    I bought one last year, yes, it’s a lot for a hairdryer but it is fabulous, drys my hair in no time ( and I have a lot of it) no more dead arm and it is indeed quiet.

  6. Natasza
    November 23, 2017 / 8:02 am

    Perfect timing of this post, just before black Friday when we can all hope it’ll magically be 100 quid less… I mean, I blow money on Sephora like there is no tomorrow, but never so much all at once (even though I have probably spent £299 in 6 months). It’s all in my head I guess and judging by how long I use a hairdryer (I’ve had my current one for the last 6 months), it sounds like a good investment to get the dyson. But I’m getting a new phone this year, so the dryer has to wait. But surely your post is convincing!

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