It’s January 3rd. So I’m typically late, but I’m here now and I’ve kickstarted the new year. I uploaded a video on January 1st onto the Pretty Normal Me YouTube Channel where I talked all things 2017 and in it I promised that this would be my year of positivity and the year in which I flew, becoming the woman that I always wanted to be. Well, New Year’s Day was a bit hungover and yesterday consisted of an 11 hour journey back to London, and so it didn’t go entirely to plan. But after a 9pm bed time last night and the best night’s sleep of my whole life, I am treating today as my fresh start and have come into my new year with all guns blazing.

Although I haven’t made any resolutions this year, i have made a promise to make some changes. I want to start getting up earlier in the mornings, I want to work harder than I did last year, I want to get into the habit of working out more, I want to see more of my friends, I want to start taking better care of my body (skin, nails, hair) and I want to make a success of myself, not too much to ask for right?

Well, we’ll see how we go. So it’s lunchtime on the first day and I thought it was about time for a progress report. I woke at 7.30 and internally groaned as I remembered that I had wanted to go to the gym this morning. Peering out of the window from my bed I could see that London was dusted with frost and in my left eye I realised that I had grown quite a painful stye. Thus began the excuses. I eventually tweeted pleading for inspiration and luckily I was met with just that. Someone replied saying: ‘ask yourself how badly you want to be great’, I realised that I really wanted to be great and got out of bed.

I then went to the gym where I did a workout, it wasn’t big at all, in fact it was a bit pathetic but it’s day one so it doesn’t matter, it’s all about baby steps. I then showered and moisturised MY WHOLE BODY, blow dried my hair and started the walk home. I then popped into the co-op and bought fruit before returning home and cooking myself GF/DF/SF pancakes with blueberries. I then put all of my utensils into the dishwasher, turned it on and came up to my office, which I tidied. That brings me to here, where I sit with my 2 litre bottle of water, my candles lit and the first draft of my book laid out in front of me.

Guys. I’ve fucking smashed it.

Doesn’t that sound exactly like the morning that a grown up, sophisticated, together, woman would have? Cause it certainly feels like it, and I’m over the moon.

What I have realised this year is that promising to do LOADS of things, exactly right, will never work for me. I have tried it in the past and I have failed. Doing 100 sit-ups a day, doing pilates 3 times a week, never drinking booze, quitting smoking, running miles and miles, only eating chicken. It’s no good. You slip up once and your motivation is gone. All of a sudden you’re questioning everything and asking yourself: what’s the effing point?!

So I’m not going to make that mistake again. I’m going to go bigger, and smaller. I’m going to promise to be better and I realise now why it will work: because I like the feeling. Great people slip up too, they give themselves a break and have days when they do nothing more than eat crisps in bed. But they balance those days with countless others filled with hard work and determination. And that’s what I’m going to do.

This is not going to be a ‘lose 10lbs’ kind of year, cause I know now that I’m not a ‘lose a 10lbs’ kind of gal. I am the kind of gal that wants to be proud of herself, more than anything, and I realise now that the only way that that will happen, is if I put the work in. So here I am, putting the damn work in.

Guys, I’m buzzing. I hope you are too and I hope that you’re being kind to yourself. Remember that the only person judging you here is you, the only pressure is coming from inside, and that for every tough word you give yourself, you must also give a kind one. This is a GREAT opportunity, a real gift, so don’t waste it beating yourself up for eating a doughnut or oversleeping, no it probably isn’t a great start, but it’s not the end of the world and you can always try again tomorrow. Look at me, 3 days late and still as happy as anything!


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  1. Lauren
    January 3, 2017 / 1:42 pm

    Woo! You go girl<3 As I said on twitter, this year is the year to not let what anyone else thinks get to you. The only person allowed to judge you, is you. And negativity is banned- well done for hitting the gym in the first week of Jan – braver than I!! Although I have done a couple of sessions on my turbo trainer – its far too icy to get out on the bike!!! Much love,

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