Okay guys, I have a confession to make. No, before you think it, I haven’t given up, I’m still going strong. But things need to be slightly different this week. Yesterday was mine and Alex’s fourth anniversary of being together and he has taken me away on a surprise weekend. Calum was in on the surprise so unfortunately our weekly check in and training session has had to be skipped this week because, you know, romance has got in the way. BUT that does not mean that I want to leave you without a blog post and at least an update from my side, so forgive me for not being able to provide my weight and percentages this week but perhaps allow me instead to fill you in on how I’ve been getting on with my training and what I can recommend and what I can absolutely tell you never to do, ever ever ever.

So I left you on Sunday, I was VERY excited because I had just discovered that I had, after a week of hard work but not much change to my diet, managed to lose 2lbs and nearly 2% body fat. I’d had an hour training session with Cal and was absolutely pooped, so when I got home, I did as all good girls should and made myself two pieces of toast, ate half a melon, two sausages and then a HUGE roast beef dinner with a sugar/dairy free hot chocolate afterwards (which was horrible by the way). So what did I get up to after that?


Since Calum isn’t based in London, I only get to see him when I am down staying with my mum which I can normally only do Friday- Sunday. As luck would have it today though, Alex had to be at work in Oxford and so I was able to stay at home for an extra day. The bad news is, Calum got wind of this and I somehow ended up in a two hour training session with him at 8am. This, after the weekend that I had had, very nearly killed me. We did lots of high intensity stuff on the machines and even more squats, lunges and sit ups. Half way through I nearly had to leave to vomit and I can confirm that I have never sweated so much in my whole entire life. Below is a screenshot of my workout summary documented by my Polar Heart Rate Monitor. 

Food wise, I had my two boiled eggs for breakie, feeling inspired after my session. Lunch slightly passed me by and I’m not necessarily proud of the fact that I ate a huge share pack of rice cakes with almond butter (not bad but certainly not nutritious!). Dinner was girls’ night with a whole load of my friends and I had a burger with no bun and chips. Remember this because a pattern emerges). No booze though, only water.


Tuesday was my day of good intentions. I was booked into a spinning class at 6.15pm but, as so often happens, life got in the way and my commitments that day ran over and I didn’t make it to the gym on time. So I didn’t exercise. What I did instead was sit at my dad’s house and watch Star Trek and eat pizza (gluten and dairy free obviously!!) and celebrate the fact that my book had just been announced as available to pre-order. Also I don’t know how, because I am permanently hungry but I don’t think I ate anything all day. I had my first meeting at 8am and didn’t really stop all day. I’m REALLY not proud of this and vowed that it wouldn’t happen again. Not least of all because by the time supper came around I was ready to eat Bua I was so hungry.


THIS DAY STARTED WITH A BANG. I signed myself up for a Body Attack class at 9am which was every bit as gruesome as it sounds. It was my first time at this class and I went in the morning before I had had my breakfast. To anyone who is a member of Virgin Active, I recommend this class but I SERIOUSLY recommend bracing yourself for the massiveness of it. My heart rate did not come out of the amber zone all session (actually an amazing thing) and I hated basically the whole session, watching the minutes go by so so slowly. By the time we were stretching however, I decided that I absolutely LOVED it and was signed up to come back the next week. Funny how that happens isn’t it?

Food wise I was better today. I was SO hungry when I got back from my session I made myself two boiled eggs which I ate with my oatcakes, followed by an apple and an orange. I ate lunch two hours later which was buckwheat pasta with tuna and peas and dinner was, you guessed it, another burger without the bun, with chips and a salad. (In my defence, my food problems mean that eating out is SO hard and this is always the safest option).


I wish I had been able to record my internal monologue on Thursday morning. It went something like this:

‘URGH OK that class starts in an hour.’
‘I’m not going.’
‘Yes you are.’
‘No, I’m not.’
‘YES, you are, think of Calum, think of the readers THINK OF THE BODY FAT’.
‘Fuck them all, one day won’t make a difference. I don’t care, I’m great the way I am, I don’t need to go, no one will know if I don’t.’
‘You’ll know. And your app will know. And worse still, Calum and his pesky scales will know. Don’t be weak. Don’t let them all down. Don’t let YOURSELF down.’
‘Fine, I’ll go I’ll go I’ll go I’ll go I’ll go’

And bugger me, I went. This class was called Body Pump it was AMAZING and totally totally horrible and means that I now cannot lift my arms above my head, try as I might. Apparently the classes are available everywhere and if that is the case then I seriously recommend it. It’s a lot of work on the legs and arms (please remember that my arm strength tested as less than poor two weeks ago) and you mostly use weights to row with, squat with and even bench. I walked into this class having never been before, not knowing what to expect which for anxious little me was a HUGE deal, I asked the instructor who was amazing, what I needed and basically went into this thing blind, surrounded by lots of women who clearly do it every day, it was intimidating but luckily I was so busy dying I didn’t have time to notice them really. I didn’t burn loads of calories and my heart wasn’t beating particularly fast but my muscles have never had a workout like it, that’s another class I’m booked in for next week! (Although I didn’t burn a lot of calories- check out the percentage of fat burnt!)

Today was another day of good food, I think it’s true what they say: when you exercise you WANT to eat better (not an expression but just roll with it). I felt loathed to undo all of my hard work and so when I came home I had my eggs again (mourning my morning pancakes a bit though!) with another apple and orange and oatcakes. For lunch, like yesterday I had a tuna pasta salad, I snacked on a mango and some sugar free Date Chocolate in the afternoon (all this exercise is making me hungry) and for dinner I had a roast chicken (not a whole one lol), with sweet potatoes, snap peas, baby corn and green beans. Nom nom nom nom. (First dinner at home for ages and I seized the opportunity to cook something healthy… WHO EVEN AM I ANYMORE?!?)


Thursday was one of my busiest days ever and I was working until at least 1am so the fact that I got to Pilates this morning was a miracle, not least of all because I basically couldn’t move after Thursday’s Body Pump class. I thought though, since I had been so busy, had a big meeting later that day AND was so stiff, that this would actually help to stretch me out. GOD I don’t even know myself anymore, old Em would have assumed that the only cure for this would have been so much sleep and one more glass of wine. This is working already!

When I got home I had my eggs AGAIN (I am SO unoriginal) and a satsuma (my body is craving vitamin C like mad at the moment). Unfortunately my meeting was at 2pm so lunch was tricky to organise so I ended up being really lazy and having some carrots, cucumber, crisp breads and humous and, since my boyfriend has taken me away for the weekend, I finished the day with a huge plate of roast beef, roast potatoes, broccoli, spinach and carrots and it was DELICIOUS.

Saturday & Sunday.

Guys, I’m away on a romantic weekend and so will not document my food, mostly because there is so much of it going in me that this would be way too long a blog post. It also means that I can’t go to the gym because there isn’t one near me. Luckily however, Calum (thoughtful as ever) has thought of something for me, and has sent over a really quick and speedy programme that I can do this weekend from anywhere.

This is really useful and just the kind of thing that I have been looking for because, without a set plan, I’ve always been loathed to stand in the park doing handstands and push ups on my own! So below is a description and pictures of the ‘When Life Get’s In The Way’ workout that you can do when, you know, life get’s in the way and you haven’t got the time, energy or inclination to haul yourself to the gym for an hour:

30 Min Training Programme:

5 minute progressive warm up. For this you can use anything, even if there are no machines; you could go out for a run or skip in your room and then do a dynamic stretch.

This workout needs to be short and sharp so we will use a method called Tabata; it’s 20 seconds hard and 10 seconds easy for 4 minutes. It’s a version of High Intensity Interval Training. (HIIT).

1 st Tabata as follows:

20 second press ups

(I can literally only do one of these before my body gives up and so if you, like me, are crap, there is an option to do an easier one on your knees)

(I’m sure Calum will tell me that my back is NOT straight enough in this picture and he would be right, if you’re doing this at home, do it with a straighter back!)

10 seconds rest

20 seconds burpees

lol at this whole picture lol at this whole picture

10 seconds rest

Now repeat this sequence another 3 times until the 4 minutes is complete. Remember though, if your heart rate is not in the 80s or 90% by the end you haven’t worked hard enough

Now time for a 5 minute cardio section:

Star Jumps for 1 minute

High Knees Jogging for 1 minute

Squat Thrusts 1 minute

Spotty Dogs 1 minute

Mountain Climbers 1 minute

The 2nd Tabata as follows:

20 seconds squat jump

10 seconds rest

20 seconds sit ups opposite elbow to knee then back down

10 seconds rest

Repeat this for the 4 minutes

The finisher:

Run inside or outside, up to you, until you reach your target of 300 calories for the session

Ugh utterly exhausting. BUT, very good if you are pushed for time and it’s raining outside and you want to do something in the safety of your own living room. (Or hotel room in my case!)

So there you go, that’s what I got up to this week and there is the suggested workout for any of you who are as mad as me and trying to get fit this January but don’t have a bloody clue how to go about it! I hope this is useful and that you have been able to take something on board! Seriously, if any of you are looking to join a gym and live near a Virgin, I would recommend it simply as a result of those classes, for the days when I lack any motivation or know how, they really are totally amazing.

If you have any questions for me or Cal please email me or leave it in the comments and I can’t wait to report back next Sunday with my body fat percentages, sorry to keep you all waiting!

Big love and good luck and well done to anyone doing anything similar! xxx


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