So here we go! I’ve just finished my first proper session with Personal Trainer Calum Taylor as we embark on our mission to help me lose half my body fat in 10 weeks. I went with my friend Sophie for a great work out, focussing on our low body and to check my body fat and weight, look at my meals from the last week and talk about the exercise that I’ve been doing and the exercise that I should be doing.

So before I get onto the workout that we did today, let me tell you (because I’m being totally transparent) exactly what I’ve been up to this week. (Reminder, we found out last week that I weigh 10st7 and have 36% body fat).

Sunday: First day, couldn’t be bothered. I did 20mins on the cross trainer exercise wise. For breakfast I ate 5 buckwheat and almond milk pancakes, for lunch I ate a piece of (gluten free, obviously!) toast with cashew butter on it and for dinner I had roast pork with ALL OF THE TRIMMINGS. I snacked on an apple and a mango.

Monday: Back to London. I started my day with a long walk with a friend and came back and ate 5 pancakes. For lunch I started taking this shit seriously and had half a sweet potato, a tin of tuna with some peas and broccoli. For dinner I had home made Spaghetti Bolognese with buckwheat pasta. I snacked on a packet of oatcakes with cashew butter.

Tuesday: I started my day with a 20 minute run and got smug af when I got home and made 2 boiled eggs which I had with 6 GF oatcakes and an apple. For lunch I had left over spag bol with broccoli and green beans and for dinner I ate a HUGE burger (no bun coz no gluten) with chips. I did do a spinning class in the evening which made me SO tired I could barely breathe though so #sorrynotsorry.

Wednesday: Another day started with a 40 minute run and still smug af I had another two boiled eggs, six oatcakes and a mango. I didn’t have lunch probably today (bad Em) and snacked on rice crackers with nut butter. For dinner I was out for dinner and had a tuna tartare followed by a steak, chips and green beans. Don’t even regret it. Before dinner I had gone to the gym with my friend Sophie though and we’d done lots of press ups and sit ups and horrible things. Can we all just take a quick minute to LOL at how IMPOSSIBLE Bua is to run with by the way….

Thursday: Not my proudest moment. I started the day well with my boiled eggs and then had a bit of a shitty morning so didn’t eat lunch (just snacked on nut butter and crisps and humous and things) and then ordered a pizza for dinner. (GF and DF obviously). I didn’t do any exercise either but I don’t care cause I have a life and can’t be bothered to all of this EVERY DAY.

Friday: I started the day with my boiled eggs, for lunch I randomly ate a cucumber (like a carrot which made me laugh) and crisps with humous and then for dinner I had roast chicken, sweet potatoes and veggies which was DELICIOUS. (A nod to mum’s cooking!). I did a pilates class in the morning which I loved and highly recommend and will do again next week.

Saturday: For breakie I had some pancakes and then went on a 20 mile FREEZING COLD BIKE RIDE! When I came home I was freezing and hungry so I had two pieces of GF toast with cashew butter, two oranges and half a melon. I then went out for dinner and ate ANOTHER steak with more chips and greens. I also had a couple of gins.

So that was my week. All in all I was REALLY proud of the exercise side of things. I basically went from 0 to 100 in no time at all and was really happy that I did so much. I was less proud of the food. Although it hadn’t been really bad, I did wonder what Calum would make of the fact that i had beef every night, chips like four times and a pizza. I also wondered if the scales would give me away when we did a weekly check. So with a slightly hungover Sophie and a feeling of apprehension I drove over to Calum’s gym at 10 this morning for my first session and a progress report.

We started with the session. I am going to list everything that we did below, with pictures, so that if any of you are interested in what I am up to and want to try this at home, then you can. The photos aren’t great because I didn’t have my sister as designated photographer today but I hope you’ll get the idea of it. At the end I’ll tell you what the scales said…


So we started with a five minute warm up. Sophie was on the Cross Trainer and I was Treadmill. The idea was to get our heart rates up but not kill us, we then got off and did some stretches.


To begin with we were given an elasticated rope which we had to put underneath our feet, adopt a straight back/bent knee position and walk like a crab. It ever so slightly made me feel like I had wet myself and was trying to exist the situation as quickly as possible.

Next up, still using that rope we had to uncross it and hold the handles, we then had to squat until our elbows touched our knees and then raise our arms to the sky for another minute. This works your glutes (bum) and arms and it’s great, but… OW.

Then it was time for some interval training, this basically means that you’re breaking up your cardio. To start it off I had to get onto the cross trainer and Sophie onto the treadmill.

For the first 30 seconds we had to push it as hard as we could, Sophie sprinting on the treadmill and me going as hard as I could on the cross trainer. We were then given 30 seconds to recover. After the 30 seconds was up we had to do the same again but for 20 seconds, and were given a 20 second recovery time, we then did the same again except for 10 seconds. This was AMAZING. Honestly, it gets your heart rate up like crazy and is SO good, if you’re looking for a way of getting fit, I cannot recommend this highly enough.

Then things got REALLY tough.

I started kneeling on the floor with some weights and Sophie was poised on a step. My job was to put a weight on either shoulder whilst in the kneeling position and then put one leg out in front of me in a right angle. I then had to stand up, keeping the weights on my shoulder. I had to do this for a minute.

Sophie meanwhile had both her hands on her head with one leg on the step, when our minute began she had to bring the knee that wasn’t on the step up to her elbow on the other side. We both did one of these for a minute, then swapped again and did it on the other side. We then repeated it after both legs had been done but for 30 seconds. This made my glutes absolutely HATE ME!

Now we had to break it up with more interval training. This was exactly the same as alst time except I was on the treadmill this time and Sophie was on the cross trainer.

After that we went next door to use the TRX. This is basically an elasticated rope that hangs down and can be used for loads of things, they’re SO great. Anyway, this time Sophie and I had to stand holding the rope, one in each hand. We then lifted one leg out in front of us and bent down with the other leg, we then used our arms and the leg that was bent to pick ourselves back up. We did 4 sets of 10. That’s 20 ‘squats’ on each side. (this was a KILLER!)

Then back to the machines for the final push. I took the rowing machine first while Sophie went on the ‘ski’ machine. As hard as we could we had to rush to get to 250m, when we were there we had to jump off and get straight onto the mat. Once there we had to do totally straight legged sit ups. This stretched our hamstrings AND worked our abs (what abs?!) so that’s pretty great.

After we had done 20 sit-ups we swapped machines and did the same 250m again. Once completed we had to jump onto the mats and this time we had to lift our legs into the air into a right angle with our backs on the floor and lower our legs as far as we could, without letting our spine’s curve. We then had to lift them back up to a right angle and repeat 20 times.

ahah those chins!!! ahah those chins!!!

We swapped machines again and after another 250m we got back onto the mats AGAIN for ‘Russian Twists’. This means you take an exercise ball, lift your chest and legs off the ground and twist yourself so that you tap the ball down on either side. This is amazing (if not lethal) and works your obliques (the side of your stomach) like they’ve never been worked before.

For the last time we swapped machines and after the ridiculously difficult by this point, 250 meters we got onto the mats, lying on our stomachs and lifted our heads and shoulders off the ground. This in itself impossible but we had to lower it down AGAIN and repeat another 20 times. URGH.

Thankfully, after that it was time to stretch. When Soph and I got up from the mats, there were the biggest sweat patches that you’ve ever seen but Cal pointed out ‘If you can’t sweat in here then where can you eh?’ good question.

After stretching and officially finishing our workout (checking to see how we did on our Polar app), it was time to get on the scales again.

DRUMROLL PLEASE. *brderederbredberd*

SO. After a week of LOTS of exercise but not perfect diet, how had I done? Pretty flipping well guys.

I had previously been 34% body fat and after 7 days I was 32%.

I had previously been 10st7 and after 7 days I was 10st5.

WHAT A WEEK? Even better to find out that I had lost in that time 4lbs of fat (although I don’t know where it had actually gone). I even made it onto Calum’s ‘Achievers of the Week’ board which made me proud as punch.

So, there you go. 10 Weeks To Fitness, Week 1 complete and the results are awesome.

I’m not in this to lose weight as you know but I am very very interested in losing as much body fat as I can and this is boding really well. If this is useful to you I will keep documenting what I get up to in the week and showing you what Calum has given me to do so that if you are looking to do something similar, then you can use this for advice!

PS. I literally cannot move. My abs, my arse. I’m in bits. What a great feeling.


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