September is supposed to be the month of back to school, light jackets, and falling leaves. It is not supposed to be this hot. So here is a list of things you’ve definitely thought since September fucked you over and stayed bloody boiling.

1) OH MY GOD this is amazing, longest summer EVER!

2) Literally though, how is still this hot? I swear this time last year I was wearing thermals…

3) Let me check TimeHop.

4) Yup. A jumper. I knew it. They were right, this is global warming. WHAT HAVE WE DONE?!

5) I can’t wear jeans again today, it’s too hot. But I can’t re-wear this skirt for a fourth day in a row.

6) Apart from anything. Am I really expected to do three months of constant leg hair removal? I can’t live like this.

7) Let it grow, let it growww, don’t hold it back anymore….

8) Right actually this is ridiculous. Stop complaining. You’ll regret it when you’re drowning on your walk to work and your heating costs £23,300 a month.

9) Oh God I don’t actually care, I’ll pay ANYTHING to stop this sweat.

10) What does it feel like to be cold? I can’t even remember. WILL IT EVER HAPPEN FOR ME AGAIN?

11) I had really counted on being able to hide everything under jumpers by this point. I can’t suck in my stomach for much longer.

12) Let me just check the forecast for tomorrow just one more time…. DAMN IT.

Thanks September, you can get cold now.


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