When it comes to taking care of myself, there are very few areas in which I actually excel. I LOVE the idea of all this wellness bollocks, but in my real, busy and lazy life, I seem somehow to never get around to it. Sunday night’s are literally built on good intentions, only last night I was lying in bed thinking about how incredibly satisfied I was going to feel after my HUGE workout this morning, the workout which of course, never happened, because by Monday morning all of my good intentions are abandoned as I cuddle my coffee cup and have a crafty fag out the window so as to avoid the rain. 

I promise myself that tomorrow the diet will start, I pledge to start cleansing, toning, moisturising AND oiling my face at least once a day, I commit to putting a hair mask on at least once a week, I say that I’ll stop smoking, I believe that I can train myself to replace coffee with green tea, I am sure that one day, one day I am going to be the master of health and wellness, I will be commander in chief of looking and feeling fabulous, I will be the one that all the women look at it and wonder how does she do it?

And then every single morning, I break every promise and I shatter every illusion. I turn the coffee machine on, disregard my trainers, look in the mirror to realise that I have once again fallen asleep with my makeup on, I spend hours trying to remove all the knots from my hair because surprise surprise, I’ve forgotten the bloody hair mask. I put off the diet to the extent that last week, which was supposed to be my ‘good’ week, consisted of no less than seven portions of chips, not even joking. 

So at the moment the only time women are looking at me and wondering ‘how on earth does she do it?’ is when they watch me tackle 7 jaeger bombs in a row, at break neck speed. Which is great and all, but not necessarily what I was going for.

Because the truth is, I LOVE being well. I LOVE being healthy and I LOVE being fit. I pride myself on the fact that I literally NEVER get ill, and that is, in part due to the ‘bacteria is good for you so eat mud if you want’ attitude that my mum had, but also I think down to the fact that I do ensure that I do at least cram my body full of as many vitamins as I can physically fit in there. I also love that two weeks ago I was able to take part in a triathlon followed the next day by a week long 350 mile bike ride and be fit enough to not only complete it, but enjoy it.

But in order to stay healthy and fit you do of course have to do more than show up on race day and hope for the best, and that is the bit that we are struggling with. We all want to be healthy and well and tiny little clones of Deliciously Ella but unfortunately most us just can’t seem to crack it. 

So I have decided to look at ‘wellness’ as a very broad topic and see if we can’t find a way of wangling it into our every day lives, but before I start, here are a couple of ‘WHAT NOT TO DO’s…

Stop looking for inspiration from things that aren’t real. I am sorry to say that no matter how many ‘Sponsored Ads’ pop up on your Facebook, no matter how many clips of beautiful women you see running down beaches or posters you pass of sensational women sipping at their almond milk lattes, they will not inspire you to embrace the weird world of wellness, on the contrary, they will panic and overwhelm you.

Don’t take it all on in a day. Cleaning out your fridge of all the shit, taping a photo of a fat person to your microwave and putting gym equipment all over the house so that you trip over it every time you try to go anywhere will NOT help. It’s too much to start everything all on one day and simply won’t work. Sorry.

Right. Now onto the stuff that you can and should do that might help you onto the road of wellness.

Drink a shit tonne of water.

Water is good for LOADS of stuff and not just keeping you alive. It helps you lose weight, prevents you from getting headaches and makes your skin look amazeballs. We should all be drinking WAY more water than we are. Start carrying a water bottle with you everywhere and before you know it you’ll be more hydrated than Ariel from The Little Mermaid. (It’s also really useful for those times that you feel really awkward and need something to do to appear busy and in control… ‘Oh what am I doing in my bag? No, I’m not avoiding eye-contact, I’m just getting out some water because it’s super important to keep hydrated ya know?’)

Start walking.

I’m not even joking you, I’ve lost 5lb since I have started walking everywhere. I never thought I’d be the type to rock a rucksack but I’m now rarely seen without it. I spent all of Saturday walking round London with my friend and despite the fact that he is much fitter than me, by the time we got to the pub, 10 miles later, he was pooped and had to sit down and eat chips, I rather smugly felt fabulous and as if I hadn’t basically done a half-marathon in a maxi-skirt.

Buy vegetables in the ‘still fresh section’.

Unless you like being really wasteful, this will incentivise you to cook it up and eat it that same day, even if it’s not entirely conventional to cover your Dominoes pizza in an entire bag of kale. It saves money, crams you full of vitamins AND prevents waste. It’s literally win win. With an extra win, because it’s THAT good.

Invest in some REALLY good skincare products.

Over the years I have had some ups and downs with my skin, yes, hello womanhood, but recently it’s been pretty bloomin’ fabulous. Well, it was until about a month ago when I started working too hard, drinking wayyy to much and neglecting my bed and beauty sleep. I hadn’t noticed it getting all that bad until I got home to a big skincare bundle from my mum who, although stupidly kindly, had basically dropped the biggest hint ever: YOU’RE SPOTTY, DEAL WITH IT. Anyway, it worked. Any followers of the blog will know that I love love love Alexandra Soveral and her beautiful range and now I have had my supplies replenished I actually look forward to the smell of my skin and gorgeous glow after washing my face, so I can confirm this one really does work.

So there you have it. Little ways to bring wellness into your life, without turning your world upside down. In my humble opinion, life is too short to banish chocolate, say no to any night out ever or pick a green tea over a cup of coffee, but I have to say I reckon there is something to be said for bringing little elements of ‘health’ into your life that make you feel amazing, without overwhelming you.

This is not fool-proof and I am not guaranteeing that you will look as flawless as a Kardashian by the time that you’re done, but these little nuggets do really help me to feel a little bit better and if I’m honest, it’s all I can really be bothered with right now.




  1. Susie Johnson
    June 20, 2016 / 1:54 pm

    I always say I am going to give up smoking, but…. There are lots of things I have given up so feel ok to be down to one vice.

  2. Susie J
    June 20, 2016 / 1:55 pm

    Amazing info Em especially the water. Keep up the good work for all of us!

  3. Ashley Osborne
    June 20, 2016 / 9:04 pm

    Great post Em! Same girl. Same. 😃

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