I am coming to the end of the most magical holiday that you can imagine and for the first time in a long time I am so relaxed that I am basically lying down. I think the biggest decision that I have had to make in the last week has been whether or not I can be bothered to go to the loo or if I’ve got any room left for pudding, it’s been absolute heaven and I feel spoilt rotten.

But as I blogged about last week, there has been an element of angst that comes along with having to sit, despite ridiculous amounts of food and WAY too much drink, in nothing but a bikini day in, day out.

In my opinion, the first day is the worst. You’re pale and as a result you stick out like a sore thumb, or at least you feel like you do. Particularly at this time of year, going on holiday means that you have to do your very best to pull your body at rapid speed out of the winter zone. The most of yourself you’ve seen in the last few months has been through a fogged up mirror after a bath and that was quite enough so to then show your body to a whole load of randoms on a beach, can be a little bit daunting.

But actually, regardless of the time of year, this happens all the time to everyone. In fact, I’ve heard at least once from every woman that I have found myself chatting to this trip, about the diets/starvation/exercise/panic modes that they have been in prior to the holiday. I have actually had this conversation with some of THE most beautiful women, and as I sit there nodding, secretly thinking, ‘what the bloody hell do you need to be insecure about?’, I realised that this was not a problem saved exclusively for me or for you, this is a massive problem for ALL of us.

So what is a girl to do?

Well, to be honest with you, I don’t know. I wish I did have the key to killer confidence to help you all on your self love missions but until I find it, I have put together a few things that I have been reminding myself of this week in order to ensure that I can remain as body positive as I can on the beach:

1)    Not everyone is looking at you.

       No offence, but they are too busy enjoying their holidays to judge you for your cellulite. If you do catch the odd glance, assume it’s because you are a) sunburnt b) have a nice bikini on, or c) are smoking hot.

2)    Tanned fat always looks better than pale fat.

       Or at least mine does, for some reason rolling over the top of my bikini bottoms seems much more okay and cool when I have a nice golden tan.

3)    You’re much more beautiful than you think you are.

       You are your own toughest critic, however bad you think you look, I promise you someone else will be looking at you (if they’re not too busy enjoying their holiday that is) and envying you.

4)    As you relax, so too will your insecurities.

       This doesn’t help on day one I’m afraid, but wait until day three, you’ll start forgetting to care. I have honestly hardly looked in the mirror since I’ve been here, I’ve discovered that there is very little point in stressing the small stuff when there is fun stuff to be doing instead.

5)    Keep your body language positive.

       If you walk around with both hands folded over your stomach, and only sit up with the guarantee that your arms are covering your rolls, (both textbook Em moves) then you are going to LOOK uncomfortable and as a result, feel unattractive. If you can strut your stuff with pride, you’ll instantly become a million times more attractive. Confidence is the key.

6)    You need to remember you’re on holiday and so really you just need to chill the fuck out and have all the fun that you can.

You absolutely cannot let your holiday be dictated by your insecurities. I KNOW it’s easier said than done but please, next time you find yourself feeling insecure and unattractive on the beach, remember my words, kick back and love yourself.

I’ll be back on Monday and the blog will once again be in full swing, sorry I’ve been a lazy bugger but seeing as my computer is sand resistant I’ve decided to give it a break. As of next week Pretty Normal Me will be back to normal! xxx