As of last weekend, I am now the proud owner of a ‘Fitbit’ making me something of a Fit Bitch I suppose (something that I have always aspired to) and as a result I have become absolutely obsessed with my steps and the amount of kilometres that I have walked every day. (Also with how much sleep I am getting, resulting in very early bed times!) 

On Monday I actually ended up deliberately taking the wrong turn home, despite having already walked 10k, just to add another 2 to my journey. It might be the novelty at the moment, but whatever it is, I am going mad for making my legs move and I love it.

Last Saturday, a group of us went for a big walk in the countryside and, as a collection of city dwellers, we found that we just could not shut up about the ‘fresh’ country air and how it’s just ‘not the same in London’, which it totally isn’t by the way, if you do live in the countryside, don’t take this for granted. We were all falling head over heels for walking. More than ever before I was obsessing over my ‘rosy’ cheeks and of course, how many steps I had done. But it wasn’t until we got home 2 hours later, a bit tired, that I realised that walking could in fact be really good exercise.

And so, for the last 5 days, I have made a point of walking as much as I possible can, trying to manage at least 10k a day(!!). I’m getting up earlier so as not to take out too much time from my day, I’m leaving for appointments and meetings with plenty of time to permit walking rather than getting the bus and I’ve even been busted pacing around the flat to make up the numbers late at night and it feels really, really good. 

I’m sleeping better, my calves feel tight and I think I’m getting fitter, I’m listening to new songs, seeing new things, and Boo is really thanking me for it! In this day and age, I’m not convinced that we get an awful lot of ‘me’ time, but that is what walking is giving me, some time to myself, that isn’t sitting at a computer and pulling my hair out.

I’ve always thought that ‘obsessing’ over anything was unhealthy, it’s a dangerous concept and of course, when exercise takes over your life, you’re just asking for trouble, but this some how feels different, after all, it’s just a walk right?

But just in case you are the type of person that finds themselves really bored at the prospect of a 2 hour walk (like I was), I’ve put together some handy hints to help you walk, walk, walk, walk, walk (in Rhianna’s voice):

1) Do it with a friend.

2) Take the dog.

3) Ring someone for a chat as you go.

4) Find some new/killer music to help you feel like you’re in a music video.

5) Keep a close eye on your steps and hit your targets.

Apart from the fact that this will nicely define your calves and open your lungs, with any luck, it will help you to clear your head and really, that’s an offer that most of us can’t refuse.