I have just got back from my first ever spin class and am so excited to announce that I absolutely loved it. I’m sweating like a madman but grinning from ear to ear. Not the normal reaction to a spin class I don’t suppose, but this one was epic, made so by the fact that it was in the dark. 

Now as you know I am no stranger to the saddle, as once a year I opt to cycle 350+ miles in June for Help For Heroes (yes that is just around the corner and no my training is not going very well), but despite the years of saddle-sores, this was my first experience of spinning. And I’m now obsessed, not only with the idea of spinning but the concept of a disco workout in general.

And here’s why:

There’s no judgement in the dark:
My biggest problem with gym classes on the whole is the other people that go to them. I’m so frightened of all of them, intimidated by the fact they always know where the yoga mats are stored and where to put their trainers that I find myself feeling like a lemon who thinks she is going to be judged for her sweat. The best thing about being in the dark is that I can’t see them and they can’t see me, which means: no judgement. Perfect.

You can focus on the music:
With your own workout playlist, you are never happy. It doesn’t go as loud as you want it, your headphones fall out and you always find yourself wanting to skip tracks. With this method it is SO loud and awesome you instantly feel like you are in a music video… (or I do at least).

You go at your own pace:
Despite the super intense atmosphere, thanks to the fact that you are on your own bike, and in the dark, no one is watching you and even if the instructor is looking your way, he’s not scrutinising you. If you need to take a break or lower the resistance, you totally can.

The endorphins are everywhere:
Because the music is so loud, the lights are going mad and you are sweating so much, you can’t help but feel totally pumped. Despite my legs feeling like jelly, I all but skipped home feeling so full of good energy.

You feel like it’s just you and the instructor:
Due to the lack of light, there’s no point in looking around, because there isn’t much to see, so you find yourself watching the instructor, who for us at least was on a makeshift stage. He also had a microphone and was doing the workout as well whilst talking to us, which inspired and incentivised me. (It helped that he was hot too…)

So there you have it; exercising in the dark is a thing, and I love it and cannot recommend it highly enough. If you’re a Virgin Gym member you can go for free, otherwise have a look around and see if there is something similar near you, because this was awesome.