I HATE the papers at this time of year, since I woke up this morning I have been trawling through the infinite articles telling me how to lose weight and how I need to get fit or that sugar is going to kill me and what I must to do achieve killer abs and blahblahblah. 

It’s always the same and actually if you have any sense I would call for y’all to back away from the papers today, they’re just depressing really.

Except for one little nugget of good news that I found in amongst the bullshit about Women’s Health and how their Editor-In-Chief Amy Keller Laird has written a letter announcing how their cover’s will no longer be home to ‘shaming’ tag lines as a part of their New Year Resolution edition.

I hate the tagline ‘bikini body’ – after all, what IS a bikini body? Who made the rules and said yes THIS, this is a bikini body. Of course with all the drama last year surrounding Protein World and their wanky advertising there was a whole heap of scandal around the whole thing and the fact that magazines are still advertising this is ridiculous, so I’m super duper relieved to see that Women’s Health have woken up to it.

In her letter, Amy went on to say: “since our goal is always to pump you up, and never to make you feel bad, here’s our pledge: They’re gone, they’ll no longer appear on Women’s Health covers.

She then went on to say: ‘Dear “Bikini Body”, you’re actually a misnomer, not to mention an unintentional insult” You imply that a body must be a certain size in order to wear a two-piece. Any body-every body-is a bikini body. You’ve got a shaming, negative undertone that’s become more than annoying.’

About other tag-lines or headlines offering advice on how to lose weight fast she says: ‘yes it’s true that many of us are looking to drop a few pounds- surveys and studies prove as much. But two sizes in one month? Not super practical, or even that healthy.’

So there you have it, it would seem there is a smell of change in the air and we like it! Huge thanks to Women’s Health for making an all important change and let’s hope they can stick to their promise and make 2016 the year of beauty in all shapes and all sizes.


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