The observant amongst you couldn’t have helped but to notice that my life got dramatically better in August with the arrival of my little puppy, Bua. She was a TOTALLY spontaneous decision, one minute I was hungover with my mum and my boyfriend googling photos of puppies and next thing I know I’m on my way home from Kent with this little bundle of joy.

Yes she is a lot of responsibilitybut I work from home and live with my BF and she came at absolutely the right time and I don’t even slightly regret her, in fact, every day I love her even more, which I didn’t even think was possible.

So as the season of new beginnings sneaks up on us I just wanted to share with y’all the life lessons that I’ve learnt from my puppy that I am taking with me not only into 2016 but for the rest of my life, thank you Bua for changing my entire perspective!

Always get excited at the prospect of a walk.

Every time I pick up Boo’s lead, or even actually just my house keys, her tail moves at a million miles an hour and her tounge falls out of her mouth with excitement. Twice a day we do a lap of the same park, which for me at least get’s a bit tedious, but for Bua it seems like everytime is the first time and I LOVE that enthusiasm.

Approach everyone as is they are going to be your best friend.

When Boo sees another dog in the park, she lies down immediately, to show that she means no harm, and then she sort of runs/hops/jumps at them, on her back legs with her arms (front legs) in the air as if she is going for a hug. When she gets there she licks and plays and jumps and it’s amazing. I can’t imagine Boo turning away or not trying so hard because of what this stranger was wearing or who they were dating, she is hopeful that every new person is a life long friend.

Even when you get bitten, never be afraid to go back for more.

Boo gets snapped at about once every two days by some dog who just has no patience for her zest for life and desperation to play. Even once she has been snapped at though, she’s straight back in there for more. This goes against everything that I know, normally when I get bitten (not literally obviously) I run for the hills but Boo is teaching me to forgive.

Always be grateful for a cuddle.

Boo is incredibly happy to be picked up by anyone at anytime, she is always grateful for a cuddle. Us humans don’t normally like being touched by people that we don’t know that well, which most the time is fair enough, but really, let’s acknowledge how awesome cuddles can be and always be grateful for one. 

Sleep whenever you get the chance.

Bua sleeps whenever she gets the chance, as if she’ll never get the opportunity again, I love how quickly she can fall asleep but more than that I love that she’ll sleep anywhere. Bus, car, sofa, floor, whatever- I must learn from this.

Look forward to every meal.

 I feed Boo it’s as if she’s never seen food before, anyone would think that she had been starved. (She hasn’t been by the way). She’d never take food for granted and I LOVE that, she get’s excited about the same dried food every day and you would think she had won the lottery when I give her a piece of tuna, we forget how lucky we are to have constant access to food, don’t forget that.Every time

Use every ounce of energy as it comes, even if you do just end up running around in circles.

Random spurts of energy are the best, never take these for granted. We’ll often get to the end of the day and feel like we’ve not done enough, I can’t imagine that ever happening in Bua’s head, when she’s got the energy, she’s playing with anyone or anything that she can. We can defo learn from this.

When someone does something nice for you, show them appreciation.

If I give Boo a treat she is so excited and looks so wonderfully grateful. We need to make sure not to take anyone for granted and do the same thing, if someone does something nice, don’t let it go unacknowledged.

Have a wee whenever the chance presents itself.

The minute I get Boo outside, she runs to her ‘spot’ and squats. When we get back to the house, she has another, as if she doesn’t know when the next one is coming. When the chance prevents itself to you, have a wee. You don’t know what could happen, you might end up in traffic for the next 8 hours and not get the chance.

So if getting a puppy is a bit of unrealistic prospect at the moment, I hope that you can learn from Boo!


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