Internet Trolls. An expression that we’re all hearing a lot about these days, whether it’s nasty girls at school commenting on your Profile Picture or your ex’s pals sending you hate messages on Twitter, to a certain degree I suspect we’ve all borne witness to a little bit of Internet-Hate.

But thankfully, at least on Social Media, these Keyboard Warriors seem to be few and far between and so, out of sight and all that, we seem to think it’s not our problem. But then yesterday, I found myself scooting through the Mail Online and I saw these pictures of Lindsay Lohan. 

Now the last time I saw anything of Li-Lo were those infamous mugshots and honestly I was really excited to see this pic of her looking so damn glamorous! I’d got my teenage idol back! But then, as one often does when reading the Daily Mail, I found myself in the Comment Section. 

And it seems the ‘I’m So Happy For Lindsay Lohan’ Brigade was a party of one. Because the rest of you were just totally intent on tearing her down. You high and mighty lot seemingly cannot bear to think of someone just a little bit better than you.

I just want you to have a look at the following pictures of these recognisable, talented, hard-working, beautiful women, I then want you to have a look at the comments alongside these pictures. These are real comments left by real people in yesterday’s Mail Online. And I did not go looking for the nastiest of the nasty, I was not trawling through the archives, these were ALL articles posted yesterday morning and this really is what we thought of them. 

Go on, have a look at what we had to say:

Lindsay Lohan:

Masha Andreeva:
‘Amm.. maybe if your breasts look like two pancakes you should cover it up…’

Lori Sirianni:
‘The only time Lindsay Lohan ever looked remotely pretty was the brief time her hair was a dark brunette. She looks ridiculous as a blonde and not much better as a redhead. Both clash with her skin tone, and so does the juvenile pink lipstick she favors. Her new teeth, duck-lip injections and other work have completely changed what was left of her face after all the substance abuse. She needs to swack 8 inches off her hair, lose the lip injections, take a shower, sober up and clean herself up once and for all. This girl is still circling the drain…’

‘She always looks like she needs a shower’

Lydia Bennet:
‘How is she not even 30 and her breasts are sagging like that?’

Abigail Breslin:

‘Hire a stylist, dear’

‘Oh dear.’

‘Ditch the dirty hair’


‘Use any profits from your book on a stylist dear’

Jade Thirlwall:

‘Must admit I am not keen on the fat one covered in makeup. Just looks awful. It is 6 inches thick. Awful woman’

‘Little Mess need to sack the fat one.’

‘Famous for their boyfriends and holidays’

‘I’d much rather know where her shoes are from than that coordinated mess she’s wearing’

Samantha Cameron

‘Im 53 and have a better figure than her. We needs to tan her abs a bit more at the gym. I work 18 hours a day so I don’t need to try too hard, but she’s a fit lass nonetheless’

‘How’d she get that body? Being the unemployed wife of a millionaire with all the time and money in the world needed to achieve it.’

‘When you are THAT rich, there’s no reason to be fat! She’ll have dieticians, personal trainers, etc She has the time and money to look after herself’

‘Because she doesn’t work hard day in day out tirelessly trying to make ends meat whilst also trying to find the time for exercise and enough money for healthy food. It’s ok for some’

Anna Kendrick

‘Not a fan. She always seems like she is playing dress up. Just not high fashion or very attractive.’

‘I think she is a decent actress but that nose. Call me shallow but looks do matter. They are part of the package.’

‘shes very unattractive’

‘Don’t get her look. She is unattractive’

‘She needs to close her mouth sometimes’

Steve 64:
‘The internet seems to love her, but I personally can’t see the appeal’

‘The midget with teeth would be a great spinner’

Pixie Lott

‘She has the worse dress sense’

‘What a hideous outfit. Not one sum of its parts are decent’

‘Please hire a stylist immediately. Or fire your current one if applicable.’

‘Is it me or lately she has been looking really unattractive compared to a few years ago!’

i give up:
‘She really is not ageing well. Extraordinary that she’s on 24’

Melanie Sykes

‘Get a body like you!!! Yeh but I don’t want a hard a55 face, that is baggy and saggy, and old looking. So I would rather be fit, but carry a bit more body fat than ZERO like you Sykes… not a good look’

‘A boring life devoted to being self obsessed’

‘Fair enough, but there is little she can do about facial features’

‘I’d never want to look like her, femine is much much nicer IMO’

‘I don’t want to look haggared like her & I don’t like her body. She is not a good example of the gym’

‘Cruella called she wants her face back’

Ariana Grande

‘She isn’t all that without photoshop’

‘Betty Crocker sets have less cake mix than what’s on her face’

‘Her head looks too big for her body’

‘Please someone help her with that foundation’

‘can’t stand her’

‘She is not very attractive’

Narcissistic Queen:
‘Tragic looking gremlin’

‘I think she always looks a little bit grubby and those shoes are so dated’

Reese Witherspoon

‘Very unattractive. Must be very well connected to do as well as she has in Hollywood’

‘Typical plain jane, has no hair on her head’

‘Her mouth and chin is horrendous’

Shirely Wilson:
‘fake hair!’

‘Long legs? Really? She’s 5ft nothing DM’


And why do I care so much? Because this was a photo that was put in the Daily Mail a couple of weeks ago while I was out for lunch with my dad. Not looking particuarly glamorous no, but why should I? It was a Wednesday afternoon, I’d had a busy morning and didn’t expect the fashion police to find me. But they did and these comments were so hurtful! Yes, with hindsight sandals and tights weren’t the best idea but I swear I didn’t look that bad when I left! 

But the worst part of this? I am the daughter of a famous person. I’m not famous, recently I’ve found myself in the firing line a little bit for supporting Page 3 and the like, but I’ve been subject to comments like these since I was 18! I’ve been made to feel totally rubbish about myself by a small few who unfortunately definitely have the loudest voices.

The DM thinks his daughter is more stylish then? Shows how good they are on fashion! This is a VERY scruffy family – and I bet they all smell of horrid cigarettes too’

‘they look just like their dad, over weight scruffy and a lady smoking in the street NO’

‘Take after dad in the looks….shame’

Free The Nipple:
‘I didn’t think Clarkson would have good looking kids, and I was right’

‘tights with sandals, she’s a mess

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen, Keyboard Warriors at their finest. But don’t be mistaken, these are not the words of a few sour pusses, hiding in the attic bedroom of their parent’s houses, surrounded by Take-Away Chineese Cartons and World Of Warcraft Instruction Manuals, these are the words spoken by you. These are the things we say, simply because we can. 
And so I ask you this? How are we expected to banish Size Zero? How are we to put a stop to Eating Disorders? How are we going to make girls feel good about themselves when THIS is what we’re exposing them to? The Daily Mail is famed for their audiences only looking at the pictures and the comments, and what I have just shown you is really all that any of us see. Nasty, bitter, hate-filled, bullying people causing Self-Esteem Issues the World over.

It’s not just Jade or Arianna or Reese or Anna who are going to be hurt by these comments, they won’t just leave their marks on them. To any girl aspiring to look, act, sing like any of these girls, to anyone with genuinely saggy tits, to anyone who really is overweight or who actually feels unattractive, what are we saying to them? When these gorgeous successful girls of our generation are being shot down? When our Size 10 idols are being metaphorically punched in the face? What does that say to normal girls?

It’s a shame that the DM stopped us being able to have pictures in our comments. Because I suspect that the minute you have to show yourselves, stop hiding behind your screens, you woulnd’t be nearly as judgemental, because, after all, who are we to comment? Just because you can say something, it doesn’t mean that you should. 

So the next time you go to type something, imagine actually saying whatever cruel thing you’re about to say to their faces. To my face, to your sister’s face, to your friend’s. Trust me, sitting on the otherside of these comments is one of the most depressing, heartbreaking things you will ever do.

What if the words that you wrote were written on your skin? Would you still be beautiful? 

No, I didn’t think so.



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