So this week we once again, saw the internet go totally mad over another ridiculous trend taking social media by storm.

This time, girls in Asia have been holding A4 pieces of paper over their waists to see if they are thin enough, the idea being that if you spill out over the sides, that NO, you are not and that you have affectively failed.

Now I have been disinclined to write about this, because in my mind it doesn’t warrant the attention that we’re giving it, the problem being of course that upon seeing this ‘challenge’ we all find ourselves reaching for the printer and most of us are left disappointed…  But after seeing it everywhere and being sent it countless times, I can’t avoid it any longer.

I hate that these things come about, I hate that we are so competitive and I really hate that girls are now being made to fret that if they don’t fit within an A4 pieces of paper, that they are somehow not good enough.

And I just want to take a second here to remind you all, in no uncertain terms, that this is of course, total bullshit.

The fact of the matter is, whether or not you fit in the ‘box’, it doesn’t matter. Some of us were meant to, some of us were not. End of. What we ought to know by now, is that we need to stop trying to squish ourselves into other people’s roles.

Artists work on different canvases depending on their speciality, art just wouldn’t be the same if no one was ever allowed to venture onto anything bigger. 

You remember those games you used to play as kids, where you had to pop certain shapes into certain holes? You would establish fairly quickly that the circle doesn’t fit into the square space, so to look for an alternative home for it.

Why are we unable to do this our bodies?

Accept them for what they are. Love them. Embrace them.

And for the love of God please try to remember that nothing great was ever squished onto one page anyway. Shakespeare would have had a very different life if he’d been limited to just the one A4 sheet.

Everyone is different, if you’re meant to explode over the edges, then so be it.


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