It’s here already, Christmas Eve, I CANNOT BELIEVE IT?! Where has the time gone? Where has December run away to eh? It seems just five minutes ago that I was asking where the hell November had gone and how it could be Black Friday already. And then I blinked and now it’s Christmas. I can’t believe how fast this year has gone. They say it in part comes with age; the older you get the quicker the years go, (which scientifically of course works out, as a year is now only a 22nd of my life where it used to be a seventh) and then of course, there is also the fact that Christmas becomes slightly more stressful as you get older, less about Santa and stockings and more to do with bills and turkeys and timings.

To be honest, the fact that December has flown by so fast has meant that I have ever so slightly struggled to get festive this year which has been a bit of an annoyance, not least of all because you can’t force the festive feeling. I have done all the right things, I have listened to Christmas albums on repeat, I have worn a festive jumper, I have had fabulously ridiculous Christmas pudding earrings in at every party, I’ve decorated our tiny tree, I’ve done Christmas shopping, I’ve been ice skating. I’ve tried E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G and still, I’m lacking in merryment.

But today is Christmas Eve and at this point really, you can’t help but feel really rather jolly. My Snapchat story is FULL of Santa Clauses, my Instagram feed is chock-a-block with fabulously filtered photos of Christmas trees and the sense of excitement is rife, you can’t escape it.

Christmas at my house is great, I love our traditions and even though I haven’t found myself counting down the days as I have in previous years, I’m now so excited for tomorrow morning, for opening our stockings all together, for cooking as a family, for taking the dogs out for a walk (unless of course Storm Barbara doesn’t threaten to blow them all away!). From Christmas Eve to New Year’s Day are some of my favourite days of the year, the non-days, the chilled days, the days of indulgence and cheer and hangovers and jeans that are too tight. And now they’re here and I’m so excited.

So I thought I would take this time to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and to say, in the spirit of festive cheer and all of that, a very quick but very big thank you to all of you for being SO amazing and giving me the most wonderful year EVER. Christmas is a time when you catch up with people that you haven’t seen in a while and it felt so amazing yesterday, whilst out at a Christmas party, to fill in family friends who were asking, probably just politely, what I was up to and how the blog was going. And do you know how cool it felt to reply with ‘It’s SO great I’m SO FRIGGING lucky’?! It felt amazing and I know that there is no way on earth that it would be possible without any of you.

There isn’t much more to say, other than that I am going to be taking a couple of days off over Christmas so whilst I will still have my phone, it will be unlikely that I will be blogging or replying to any emails and I hope that is OK. I’ll be kicking around though and am incredibly excited to come back better than even in January to talk Christmas fun, hangovers and New Year’s Resolutions.

Happy Christmas everyone, I seriously do love you more than you’ll ever know. Have the best day EVER and spoil yourselves rotten would ya? xx


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  1. Krista
    December 26, 2016 / 1:27 am

    Merry Christmas to you!

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