The idea is simple, and with it, we are going to share love and kindness this December!

This was suggested to me by one of our beautiful readers yesterday and I instantly fell in love with the idea. Annoyingly however, when I googled it I saw that the idea of ‘sister swapping’ has been in the news a bit as of late, because the ‘official’ website that organised it is a scam.

OBVIOUSLY GUYS, I’M NOT SCAMMING YOU. Think of this as secret santa, but BETTER.

If you would like to be included, please email me your NAME, AGE and ADDRESS to, I will then pair you, randomly with another reader. (The only reason I ask for your age is so the person buying for you might have a better idea of things you might like!). You will then go and buy something, or make something, or anything really (just no stealing), for your secret sister and then post it to their given address. That’s it. Of course, in return, someone will have your name and you will receive a gift from them.

I am going to CLOSE this on December 18th, so that everyone has enough time to buy and post their gifts, but I will give you plenty of warning before I do.

It will be a ballache receiving all the emails and doing it manually rather than using a website to generate couplings for me, but I absolutely want to ensure that your safety is guaranteed and that your personal details will not go anywhere else, so that’s what that’s about.

We will then be using the # PNMSISTERGIFTSWAP so we can all see who’s got what, who knows, you might even make some new friends out of this one! Feel free to leave your Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat handle in with your present, in case the person who receives it wants to find and thank you, otherwise, let’s just enjoy something that we don’t see nearly enough of anymore eh? KINDNESS AMONGST STRANGERS.

One last thing, obviously if you are buying for someone under the age of 18, don’t send any booze! Other than that- have fun and I’m really looking forward to seeing what lovely things we’ll do for each other this Christmas!

Have fun! xxxx


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