Put your hands up if you just LOVE being on your period???? Yeah, didn’t think so. That’s a unanimous *no hands raised* I’m assuming, unless there are some rogues out there who quite enjoy shedding their uterus linings out of their vaginas once a month… aha, #sorrynotsorry – it’s natural. Anyway, periods are rubbish. They’re expensive. They hurt. They make us irritable and cryey (is that a word? if it is HOW DO YOU SPELL IT?). And they’re just generally a bit shit.

So please imagine my excitement when I went to the post office yesterday and picked up a prezzie from the Eve Appeal (THESE GUYS ARE JUST THE BEST!), the charity that I am in love with and am so proud to be supporting as they raise awareness about all five kinds of gynaecological cancer. (Check them out and KNOW YOUR NORMAL!). Anyway, back to periods, I don’t know how it’s possible that I haven’t come across them before but the gift was a Pink Parcel. Which, in case you haven’t heard of them either (shame on us!), is a monthly subscription box filled with all of your period-y needs. No seriously, it is.

First things first, I blinking LOVE the packaging.

And that’s just the start of it, still beautifully packaged, inside is basically everything you didn’t even know you’d run out of to get you through this month’s crampy omnibus…

I opened the box upside down. Lol. So, what have we got?

I LOVE this!! I don’t know about you guys but I have a boyfriend with the maturity of an eleven year old, who still gets a bit silly side out when I ask him to grab something out of my handbag and he accidentally whips out a tampon thinking it was my lip balm. This little pouch is a blessing for both of us. Particularly as I never put pads in my bag anymore as they always just get buried underneath mounds of things and deemed unusable when I find them days later stuck to a train ticket. This is already very useful.

How cute? Love these and found that because of the packaging that they come in they are somehow much less offensive to look at stashed beside the bog than overflowing plastic packets.

Question: Can you ever have enough tampons? Answer: NO. So for that reason, I bloody love this! And now onto the REALLY good bit, the presents:

HOW COOL IS THAT??? Each month you are sent a collection of goodies that will help you through your month of hell. For me: tea, chocolate, biscuits, makeup, haircare AND skincare? Dreamin’. The above collection is September’s I think, as I have noticed that by looking at their website that there are different goodies in this month’s box. But since it is the beginning of November in like 5 days, I’m telling you about this in just enough time to get your mitts on next month’s box.

Oh yeh and do you want to know the BEST THING???? You can select your favourite brands for sanitary products on the site and give them your dates, and they will deliver your personalised boxes accordingly. It’s £6.99 for the first month and then £10.50 after that.

I’ve done the maths and they’re worth every penny. I’m paying at least £6 a month (normally more) on tampons and pads as it is, and that’s a faff in it’s own right. But the thing that I deem to be priceless is the fact that someone’s making me feel like a princess during the four or five days when I am quite honestly anything but.

Really really highly recommended this one ladies! To order your boxes, just click here.


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