Where would we be without our friends? Well I for one would be nothing. I rely on them for EVERYTHING. But sometimes, despite their best efforts, my friends can’t be there for me all of the time because, as sad as it makes me, they have their own lives too. It doesn’t mean that they love me any less, it just means that sometimes I’ve got to work out some scenarios on my own. And that can be hard.

So, here’s a list of all the things that I very regularly need to hear from my friends, or that I say a lot to them, that you can use if you’re in the midst of a crisis and are only reaching voicemails:

1) NO. You don’t look fat in that.

2) Yes, your boss is a total bitch.

3) You’ll get through today, and there can be wine at the end.

4) You really deserve a break, have a bath tonight.

5) Your mum doesn’t know what she’s talking about, you should definitely dye your hair pink.

6) Just take a deep breath.

7) I know he called you at 3am for the third Friday night running but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re a booty call.

8) Another G&T is DEFINITELY a good idea, don’t worry about tomorrow, you’ll sleep when you’re dead.

9) Hells no it doesn’t make you a piglet to order pizza for the fourth night this week.

10) I’m so sorry.

11) Yes, it’s perfectly acceptable not to see him again because he said that he’s not a ‘dog person’.

12) A nipple piercing? Hells yes, go for it.

13) Oh yeh, don’t worry, I find hairs on my face all the time too.

14) What spot? I can’t see a spot!

15) Yes of course you can run 13 miles, how hard can it be?

16) NO Binge watching an entire series on Netflix in one day is NOT a waste of your time.

17) You’re doing great, just keep on going sweetie.

18) Oh yeh, and don’t forget to smile.


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